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Reviews for "Slowloft: Overdose"

I am doing drugs

RIte now im getting my shit on with emzz

Hehe, sweet flash ;)

I gotta say that this flash is awsome using the characters from there comercal. They were some humor but mostly action, lol. Thats all I have to say =P...If I say more I'll just say radom stuff


It rocked! You should make a flash about all those people shooting eachother with all these kick ass guns. I liked it, but I think if you made a 3rd, made it longer, and add more detail to the guns, Il write you an even BETTER review! Yaay1



i am on medicine and i dont like that fact. but some is for my health and some is for my behavior. and yea why do they try to sell them like there candy!!?!?!?!? i think medicine should be a last resort because it makes you "not you" ya know? cuz it alters your thinking and shit. if they really want us to be how they want then why not give us all labotamies when where born??? by the way a labotamy makes u like a robot, your super compliant and do whatever someone tells u to.


awesome sound and animation
yes i agree with the statement and moral