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Reviews for "Slowloft: Overdose"

Loved it

The best thing about this flash i would have to say is the graphics. I loved the graphics it was very well done and the fighting scenes were wonderufully done.

Oh! I get it! Itsa ipod commercial! =o...

A very well animated flash that makes a strong point. The only thing that I don't get is the panic over the mass sales of mind altering drugs. Everything is changing. The meaning of christmas is commercial and marriage isn't a commitment anymore, so really mind numbing drugs are just another brick in the wall when it comes to the drastic changes everybody and everything is going through. If you're scared of losing your emotions and becoming less human, then you should relax and pop some zoloft. It'll take the edge off of your worry =)

CirrusEpix responds:

Without getting too preachy, have you noticed that the only truely destructive creature on this planet is mankind? I think religion's greatest trick was getting us to believe we weren't made in the Devil's image...

What's This? A Flash With A MESSAGE?!?

You know, I appreciate random, pointless crap just as much as any other Newgrounds visitor. But its nice to come across something every now and then which has a clear message behind it. Of course, this flash is far from a work of philosophy; but I really like the fact that you're drawing attention to a very real fact. Zoloft is marketing bullshit.

Aside from that, nice application. It was an iPod commerical, were iPod commericals created by Krinkles. Animation was fluid, fun to watch, colorful but didn't hurt my eyes. I find that with a lot of similar animation, I feel like the constant action and colors assualt my vision. A good example would be the "Say Something" music video. You managed to avoid that somehow, which is a wonderful thing.

My only suggestion would be to provide more tie-ins to your actual message. I get the point; this cute, balloon-chasing characters on TV are violently attacking each other, which is a much more accurate depiction of the drug. However, you describe the problem in your own explanation: if someone can watch this movie and think its all about violence, maybe you need to add some more clues or tie-ins in the actual flash to deter that. Just a thought.

Ultimately, though, a great flash. I give you a 5.

CirrusEpix responds:

I agree. I toyed with going deeper with more references and tie-ins, but I felt that I didn't need to drive the nail in too deep to get people thinking.

Original eh?

By an original idea, you mean an ipod commercial with guns?


CirrusEpix responds:

Oh, comm'on! Name one other IPod parody on NGs?

the muffin maker is back!

nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the drug muffin was awsome!!