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Reviews for "Slowloft: Overdose"

oh thats something,

make a video thats almost entirely fighting scenes and than claim its not about about violence
yah yah if you cant blame it on drugs blame it on cartoon violence WE GET IT yeeesh
breakdown 7 for the animation .5 for the music (not that the choice is bad, its just not important much) and .5 for the point, disappointing sequel

dame strat

I don't like thinkit good.

Not as good as the first

I didn't quite understand this animation and how it fit with the message it was supposed to convey, but I still liked it. That old silent movie thing was a funny surprise. The most interesting part for me though was that very stylish pastel colors thing. It reminds of an iPod ad or the game Nom.

Drugs are ba ad children

including pills!


You had a great taste of music in this flash Linkin Park and the Gorillaz are awesome those are my favorite songs by them