Reviews for "(KgZ) Rocket Man -Full-"

Would fit right in with a Megaman game!

This sounds GREAT. The timing of the notes just makes this track really shine. Nice job!

KgZ responds:

Thank you for listening good sir <3


Excellent use of percs and 8bit. This owns on many different levels.

KgZ responds:

<3 love you


When I heard this, and you mentioned Megaman, I couldn't help but smile. This actually sounds more like an anime opening (which makes it very enjoyable ^_^) but I still think it could fit in a game like MegaMan. This is a great combination of 8-bit and techno....wow. Keep up the great work my friend, you have made a beast track =]. Mind checking out some of my stuff?


KgZ responds:

Haha now that you mention I can definitely see the anime in it. Thank you for listening, I will definitely check out your stuff =)

"Hell yea!" (- -,)b

Hehe, damn man, it's really something awesome I'm hearing here. Great work man, there is exactly nothing I can say that's bad about this piece, you truly captured the catchyness and awesomeness of all the megaman tunes.

Keep up the good work! You are an inspiration :p



great man it has that 8 bit greatNess keep it up