Reviews for "SSAM #4"


Your proabaly thinking why I gave this flash a 10 if all the other catagories are 0. This movies totaly sucked but in some way in just touched me. So i'm giving it 10. (sobs)

This series was gr8

reminds me of my 1st love :'(

I can relate to this

this whole series was very touching to me, because i had the same thing happen to me. i love this series. and i can't wait for the last part of it to come out.

next time could you make the text a little bigger, though? thanks


this one wasn't as upsetting as the others (Thank God) but it was still abit moving! Good movie, Again! =]

This is making me cry...

This is seriously the best flash movie ever created on the face of the planet. It's sad but its the hope that keeps us hooked. HOW DO YOU DO IT?