Reviews for "SSAM #4"

still good...but lost some of it's edge.

I will agree with one thing the last reviewer said...the series is a bit cliche in many ways. cliche is a bit unoriginal but it's given a nice touch none the less. I missed the single voice clip and the quote in this one too. the final words across the screen didn't hold the same power it has in the past three. also, I caught a few spelling errors.

Emotionally Powerful...? what??

this is the cheeziest romantic anything ive seen since i walked through the CVS card isle. Seriously, how dumb and cliche can you get? Anyone who is easily swayed by this has the emotional depth and range of a parakeet. Bad reviews are about offering improvements right? well try this: get rid of the running after her car bit, that was so cheesy I just had to burst out laughing. The music was hackneyed and used in this sort of thing time and time again. The animation was so out of place that it increased the humor of every bad cliche tenfold. So reduce the cliches, get rid of the quotes at the end, create some actual depth of character, put some backstory in involving the friends and the one he ends up trading saliva with before she gets it in the spine and for godsakes a little originality in the story and audio!

Omg... my eyes are watering

Geeze you have some powerful flashes by the 4th one i bet every one has shed a tear

love it

great story you got going, but i think the next episode will hurt him