Reviews for "SSAM #4"


That was the best ssam so far well done i'm going to watch the 5th now. I can't wait!!!!

10/10 and 5/5 well done. AGAIN

I love this .

I definetly have to watch EVERYTHING YOU MAKE. I swear i could kiss my computer right now in fact... i will.

damnit burgess you are making me cry

love how you have him slowly growing up. It's interesting how teh bully and him become friends. i'm not going to write to much because i want to see teh last one. can't wait. :) i don't care what they say it's perfect to me.


I Loved the Series continue with the work. p.s. if you make a sixth don't have the guy live unless he survives the gunshot but he loses his short term memories and he cant remember the past few days.

Still great not perfect yet though

Eh...continue with the good work