Reviews for "SP - Generic Dreams"

love your work

I like the remix you did with GDS number something version somethin... but just keep up the good work! Great stuff!

Good Job

Hey I'm from the steam community, I just came here to give you a 5 so you can get the top place!


nice, but the end is tooo loooooongg

nice remix, some parts are better than the previous one, other parts have totally changed, most of the time it works, but i am not fan of the end, more a filler than other thing, for me the song finish @3:33, after it adds nothing

Top-Rank List Bound for Sure

This is an awesome song. I just picked a random song off of the "New" list and found this and was just shocked at the true depth and drive of the song. This is excellent, and it better make it far. Keep it up!

luv it

awesome melody beat and bass