Reviews for "SP - Generic Dreams"

I like it

Very nice.

wow bro

man this is epic, well done (b^w^)b 2 thumbs up

Well done.

Well, not sure if you even read your reviews. But if you do, well here's to you!
You probably know that I've been following you since... forever. :P Been a supporter and believer of you even after all that fell out. You definitely have the talent in you. Keep up the good work! You'll make it big!

~Phyrnna ^_^

this sound familiar...

generic dance grooves 3 i think... idk... its been a while i could be wrong...

Awesome trance

This was one jammin trance song you made,the quality was great and i like that it was long with it being 4 minutes and it never got repetitive,overall you did a great job on this song.