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Reviews for "Go, Go, Parody Rangers!"


It manages to make fun of the power rangers and actually be funny. Hope to see more of your work. =P

5 out of 5

Utter Brilliance!

Saw this one while still in judgement, otherwise I'd of rated this then. Just... hilarious in every way possible. I personally never liked the power rangers. I'm more of a Kamen Rider, Ultraman, and Gransazer fan as far as live-action goes, but Power Rangers still brings back memories... ah, the 90s... brings me way back! :) 10 from me!


Amazing. simply FUCKING amazing.

Move over 'Metal Gear Awesome'...

Aaaah the power rangers. Finally a submission that takes the piss out of them properly.

I found the style frighteningly similar to 'Metal Gear Awesome', though what makes that a good thing is that Metal Gear Awesome is a great parody as well.

Great facial expressions on the blue cylinder dude (as if I'm going to try and remember his name...) along with great comedy all the way through. Hehe, Zodiac, I wouldn't be suprised if they actually did that...

Characters fit perfectly, extreamly overexaggerated to the point of beyond stupidity, I love it. The ASCII faces in the visors was a great idea, though I was half expecting them to change as much as the words on Red's shirt in the beginning, as if I remember correctly, every series had a different sort of face style. I walked past an advertisment yesterday and its now some sort of 'Mystic' power ranger, with what looks like a marijuana leaf for a face...I lolled all the way home.

Violence? Appart from the manly flexing of Red's arms, the inadvertant flailing of Black's flails and a giant baguette to the face of NONE OTHER THEN DOMO-KUN HIMSELF, there wasn't much. Putty ninja's don't count....They just don't. Not that it matters. =D

I was smiling the whole way through this flash, giggling to myself like a little school girl. A job well done Sir, a job well done. This got my 5, and an overall of 10. Can't get much better then that *thumbs up*

By the way, the last reviewer did mention someone that was left out; the White power ranger! =O
Mebbe a suprise appearence in a sequal? I'll leave it to you ;)

haha this was great too

I really liked how you drawn/animated the way you put together their robot guy. Everything was perfect in this one also. Excellent voice acting. great use of background music. This was very funny. I liked how the blue ranger did no fighting and how that one guy made a clay figure of lord zed's mom. hah nice work!