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You are a stupid fuck who has no friends. However, since you've had men hump you up the butt so much, you'll have to wait until tomorrow to go looking for some. The next time you can walk strait again is in 17 hours, 43 minutes, and 25 seconds.


That was teh coolest! I votted B... :()())()()(

OrangeClock responds:

3 4rhntdh 5hetb

Vote B...

.. or b?

Give me a second to second this notion of this second before the second time a second b shows up before a second B of a larger kind has a second notion of being second this second of that second for the past second present second and furure second of all seconds.



ROCK ON that has enlightened my day... this work of art cannot be outdone..


B & b. lol
I shall call him: Mini-Me!
Orange, you are a genuis man!