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Reviews for "Slicksville: Inspector #5"


I always did like ti on the site.

(OOOHH!!SSSHHHIIIIINNY! or however I spelleit.)

I love your work

I have you saved as a favorite author, and I have to say, this is on par with Bad Guys. It's completely random... like "Do you think guys who sell drugs are bad?" "... no..." "Okay... you wanna buy some drugs? I've got some good shit."

I also enjoyed the fact that you could click on the Hula Dancer to make it move more. The humor is just what I was looking for. It wasn't very violent (unless you count the credits, but that wasn't distasteful) and the little diddy playing in the cab was also great.

10/10. This is going in my favorites.

ChrisNosal responds:

Yeah, I thought the hula dancer was a cool idea. I'm not sure anyone ever mentioned noticing it before.



Love the ending! Hey, this guy seems kinda evil. You want me to kill him? Yeah sure that would be great. Hey, what? Loved it! All my 5 R belong to u!


The characters are very unique. Like the eyes are just full of colour, pretty cool.

Lol I liked it when Hu just asked "Want me to kill him?" in such a casual way. xD


Simply amazing

It is cool how you incorparate a bunch of different art styles. Very original too. One of the funniest things I ever saw.... Not sure who the HU guy is but hey great all in all.