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Reviews for "Slicksville: Inspector #5"


BG: Headshot!
BG2: Double kill!
BG3: Multi kill!
Hell: Ultra kill!

That should explain it all.

Pretty damn awesome.

Great job man, the animation is nice to look and yet its simple and awesome. The sound and music is awesome and although the toon is kinda slow paced, thats what i found so funny about it.
I liked your bad guys animations better, but your weeklies stuff is still great. I have watched bad guys in space like 20 times already and i cant wait to vote 5 when it comes to newgrounds :D

"Your VERY beautiful in side"

ChrisNosal responds:

Why thank you. You are beautiful as well.


Slicksville is a great animation. It has a subdued, laid-back feel to it, it doesn't get farfetched or ridiculous to get laughs. It's modest. The animation gets the job done, and, as always, I love the soundtrack.

"I'm beatiful inside."


ChrisNosal responds:

Yeah, it nice to have something that's not as crazy as Bad Guys sometimes.

Funny XP

"Something was sticking [...], it was a sticker." O_o
"What's your name?" "Who?" "You." "I mean my name is Hu, H-U." LOL XP too funny. Really smooth story.



FO SHZZILE BABY you got my 5 on this flash its great i hope it get front page dude