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Reviews for "Slicksville: Inspector #5"

Soo.. I have a question now..

So, I take it that "Hu" will now be a new addition to their wacky crew, right?

ChrisNosal responds:

Well, this was the first time we see any of these characters, so I don't know if it makes sense to call him an addition. I'm sure I'll use him some more, not sure exactly when or how yet.


this was pretty good.Made me laugh at some points and had an ok story.
Could have been longer.


How funny. I really didn't expect to like this better than the Bad Guys Space episode I just watched but sure enough, something about it did the job.

lmao...i like the samuriay(however you spell that)

great movie, though i was expecting more from inspectore #5. Does that mean there more inspectors, or just a name.

ChrisNosal responds:

Well, this actually happened to me, where I found a sticker in my hair in the shower that said "Inspected by #5." You usually find those in new clothing, and I would guess each inspector at the clothing factory has got their own number.



Well, it was good...but I really would have liked it to keep going. It built up the anticipation of #5, then decides to show him briefly, says he is going to kill him...then END. Not long enough to be blunt.