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Reviews for "Slicksville: Inspector #5"


The Bad Guys series was good: but after seeing your latest stuff: and the weekly updated bit on your site, I think your stuff is really starting to take off.

All nice work and becoming better. I hate to say it: but I'm actually more eager towards your next Slicksville as opposed to the next Bad Guys. On a related note: I'm gonna go watch Bad Guys Go To Space again. And vote five on that too.

brings a tear of joy 2 my eye.or sumint like that

Awesome!! Dude keep em up that was great. Proberly one of the funniest things i've seen on newgrounds for a little while. Allo my 5 belong to you.


Love the ending! Hey, this guy seems kinda evil. You want me to kill him? Yeah sure that would be great. Hey, what? Loved it! All my 5 R belong to u!


I Love the ending with inspector #5


That was pretty damn good. I keep looking at your other submissions, thinking "It's not bad guys... It must suck." But I only acctually got that proven to me once. But nevermind that, this was fan-freaking-tastic.