Reviews for "A Paper Mario Fight."


Nice, and I liked the Culex fight music lol.

Good idea..

I love Paper Mario... I really do.. and I was so dissapointed when it fucked up a few seconds in, but you should fix it and repost it, or at least try. Maybe ask someone to help you out with the error, whereever it may be.

Good luck! I'll give it a ten, because I am nice


I voted 5, is that ok?


That was freakin funny. But wtf, this actually happens in actual Paper Mario 1 game? If it does, i'mlucky i got the PJ64 for my com so it doesnt act weird :D

Graphics: [B4 Glitch] 8 [Glitch Begin] 10
Reasons: [B4 Glitch] It was pretty weird that the monster is here when it actually doesnt belong here. [Glitch Begin] Weird, yet freakin funny
Style: [B4 Glitch] 10 [Glitch Begin] 10
Reasons: [B4 Glitch] Copied directly from the 2 games. Not made up, nothing crappy around them. [Glitch Begin] The green dude was chopped up lol.
Sound: [B4 Glitch] 10 [Glitch Begin] 1
Reasons: [B4 Glitch] Final Fantasy rocks [Glitch Begin] WTF? Did they actually make this sound in Paper Mario 1 when they are freakin glitched up?
Violence: [B4 Glitch] 0 [Glitch Begin] 5
Reasons: [B4 Glitch] Pretty much just normal until... [Glitch Begin] the toad gets chopped up. xD
Interactivity: Actually sry i dont even know what it means. o_o;
Humor: [B4 Glitch] 5 [Glitch Begin] 10
Reasons: [B4 Glitch] Why would this monster be in Paper Mario 1 lol
[Glitch Begin] Again, chopped up monster, and the end of the world for Mario's house lol
Overall: [B4 Glitch] 7 [Glitch Begin] 10
Reasons: [B4 Glitch] Same as Style reason #1. [Glitch Begin] 55 Damage, Chopped Toad (AGAIN), and End of World for Mario's House. Good thing not for Mushroom Kingdom till bowser comes ^^

Hint: It's possible to deal damage to Bowser at beginning, but only can be dealt by the PJ64 cheats or Action Replay (if they have).

Your Review Points From Me: 46/70



this is great

but id also like to say that shadowX300 is a complete moron