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Reviews for "Super Mario W2 Athletic Theme"

very easy to enjoy.

pretty good in all aspects(to me)
but i have one question.
i can tell this was made with a piano but how many if one did you record one then the other at a different time then combine it?

Kreepman responds:

Thanks for the review!
I recorded this using only one piano but played 3 different times, each time a bit different!


That was a great mix. Catchy, a great fit for the piano. As a musician myself, I believe it would be a fun addition to add in some drum hits for the song. I may do that for my own benefit (I won't put it up on NG). Great mix, hope to see that mario mayhem mix soon.

Kreepman responds:

do it! and send me it! :3


very catchy. you should do other popular game songs as well! i bet you'd kill it every time with talent like this.


I love it! There are lots of artists that make piano arrangements out of video game songs, and I love those, but after awhile, they start to blend together. They just recreate the original as close as possible with piano. This here, on the other hand, actually remixes it, so it's truly a piano remix. It's a really good one too. You somehow managed to make the original sound even more upbeat than it already was. I couldn't help but smile and almost wanted to start dancing, and I'm normally a pretty stoic guy, so...yeah, that's not easy to do. I really liked the part at 0:32 where the melody was split over two octaves. Anyway, awesome job, I'll have to check out the rest of this medley.

Love this song and this cover!

This is my favorite Mario song. I had totally forgotten about this song till I was playing SMW2 on my phone and was loving this song then realized my phones audio was off and it was in my head.