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Reviews for "Primal War 09"


a sad day indeed

Your best animations yet!

Up to this point you've done some fairly great work with your animating, but this one by far has the best I've seen! Your work with the lighting and shadowing effects here was absolutely amazing. You made your characters look extremely realistic in some scenes, instead of the cartoony look that they normally have. As always your flash ran extremely smooth and was amazing to watch. Even the backgrounds looked somewhat realistic. For some reason when the reflection of the bull was seen in the Gorilla's sword it really impressed me. I don't know why but I figured I would bring it up here Great work with graphics and animation yet again. Amazing.

Audio is great, too. I've noticed your shout-out to MilkMan Dan for doing your music work, and I have to commend your choice of music. The music didn't fly as well with your first Primal War because it was Death Metal with a battle scene - and it just simply didn't work. However now you're beginning to use more dramatic sounding music that really fits in with the scenes that you're doing. Great work on music selection for this movie. The sound effects were really well done as well, everything was dead on sync with its respective movement, and that's all that counts.

The story only continues to impress me as your animation and audio only continue to get better. I'm extremely impressed with your improvements from the first movie, and I'm looking forward to what I'll see in the next one in the series. Great work so far!


Man that was a great episode! On to the next one.


NOO! You can't make anyone fight their best friend! >:(


This was the most intense episode yet! I like all the new upgrades to the flash as well...very nice!