Reviews for "Professor Layton Theme 8-bit"

Well Done!

Professor Layton was one of the defining new franchises for this generation of systems. The 8 Bit theme makes it twice the awesome sauce. even though I never beat the original game. :(

Drawer4Everyone responds:

Look, I think that you're saying that this sounds good, but for me this review sounds much better!!

Thanks dude!

Also, don't worry, I know you'll finish it someday!!


this song is amazing, its something i would want as a ringtone, its one that you cant really get old of either nice job on the sound

Drawer4Everyone responds:

Thanks dude, and you know: whos calling? Layton! XD
Thanks for sy your opinion.


i demand a 8 bit puzzle theme

Drawer4Everyone responds:

I demand the knowlegde for do it, some day, any daay, I will have the neccesary experience, but right know, the only thing we can do its play Professor Laytons game with no music, and put this play at the BG, but thanks for the idea, also, for reviewing!


I love it man! Great work.
Btw my name is Layton except its spelled Leighton lol

Drawer4Everyone responds:

Troll Panic!


you have got to make more!!!! but no skunk things.

Drawer4Everyone responds:

When the summer starts, the party begins!