Reviews for "Professor Layton Theme 8-bit"


this song is amazing, its something i would want as a ringtone, its one that you cant really get old of either nice job on the sound

Drawer4Everyone responds:

Thanks dude, and you know: whos calling? Layton! XD
Thanks for sy your opinion.


[clap clap clap] perfect

Drawer4Everyone responds:

[cry cry cry] thanks!! :D


Excellent pace with perfectly matched sounds spectacular is definitely the good work.

Drawer4Everyone responds:

Thank you so much, you make me happy.
A lot.

*smiles* :)

I personally like the Professor Layton games. It's simple yet challenging puzzles aren't babyish and are quite fun! I also enjoy the soundtrack of the game as well, so this is pleasing to me.

Drawer4Everyone responds:

I like that other people like the soundtrack, but also that if you like this version, thats awesome in all the lenguages!

Thanks for reviewing!!

Well Done!

Professor Layton was one of the defining new franchises for this generation of systems. The 8 Bit theme makes it twice the awesome sauce. even though I never beat the original game. :(

Drawer4Everyone responds:

Look, I think that you're saying that this sounds good, but for me this review sounds much better!!

Thanks dude!

Also, don't worry, I know you'll finish it someday!!