Reviews for "Professor Layton Theme 8-bit"


i demand a 8 bit puzzle theme

Drawer4Everyone responds:

I demand the knowlegde for do it, some day, any daay, I will have the neccesary experience, but right know, the only thing we can do its play Professor Laytons game with no music, and put this play at the BG, but thanks for the idea, also, for reviewing!


Bob-the-monkey is right. This does sound like a ringtone. If the professor ever gets a cellphone, this is so going to be his ringtone. "Who ya gonna call? Professor Layton!"

Drawer4Everyone responds:

*ring ring*
-whos there?
-Guess Who! XD
Thanks man


You must have been high to even think about messing with a layton song, but you pulled it off, and I've gotta say you did it very well. But they couldn't pull layton off on the, say, nes.

Drawer4Everyone responds:

Good review, and better thinked, yes.

awsome song man

professa! awsome has 6 letters in it! profesa ? professa!?

Drawer4Everyone responds:

You like that series too eh?
haha, me too!!!

Thank you man!

Solving Puzzles in 8-Bit!...

Awesomeness!... Very cool. Never thought I'd hear this song in 8-Bit. Overall it's pretty good. It seems maybe a bit too loud or something... I dunno. Something feels kinda off about it. Still very good though!! For some reason it sounds almost like Animal Crossing in the beginning... Maybe I'm crazy...

Drawer4Everyone responds:

Maybe not! haha
Thank you