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Reviews for "FF7 -- Battle"


its cool i could never do that with a guitar.

TritoneAngel responds:

lol -- Thanks a lot.

Mean sounding guitar <3

Your guitar skills rock! I'll have to point out though as many others did that the midi file needs to be blended a lil better with the guitar, but it still doesn't mean that this doesn't kick ass! Oh and btw just to clear things up, I read a review were some guy was saying that you used FL Slayer for the guitar, that is misleading. I've been playing around with FL for a while now and the Slayer sounds nothing like a real guitar would sound like. You can totally tell that this is a REAL guitar. I was also pleased to read that you didn't use tabs, I'm the same way, I find it much easier to play the song if you figure it out by yourself instead of reading the tabs. Keep up the amazing work man!

TritoneAngel responds:

Thanks a lot for the review, dude! Yeah, personally, I think there's never a viable substitute for the real thing when it comes to guitar -- a guitarist can nearly ALWAYS tell when it's a real guitar or not, at least that's my view. Unless it's completely unavoidable, I like to always play guitar on my submissions. Just doesn't sound "right" without it.

Thanks for the tip on the mixing -- my recording skills have definitely improved since this submission, and I definitely will be demanding more in terms of the quality of my recordings. Thank you for the constructive criticism to you and to the others who have mentioned it.


this is mint!!!
no wonder its dimond

TritoneAngel responds:


Thanks a lot buddy!


This is freakin' awesome. I should learn to play this on guitar!


i just played this game 30 minites ago,and it brings back others memories?!?!wow.odd.3 disk pac.i have 2 of em.track me down if u want 1.i have a myspace if u want a deal out of it.pic of a guitar.black.cya 'round!