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Reviews for "FF7 -- Battle"


tightest remix of FF7 i've heard ina while arent they over-due for a new game FF15 i think

~2-11~ A Way A Life

TritoneAngel responds:

Thanks a lot man! More to come.


wow!this is the battle music all true rpg fans know and love! the only difference is the live guitar has pimped it even more!

TritoneAngel responds:

I enjoy pimping FF7 songs -- now where's my money, Tifa? lol

Thanks for the review, dude; glad you liked it.


I loved it it's awesome it deserves to have a diamond rating

TritoneAngel responds:

Thanks a lot dude! I'm glad it's nice and shiny. lol

You Should Check With War Spawn.

His Drums Would Sound Awsome With This.


the better version for now and it COOL!!!!!!!!
my favorite

good job 10/10 5/5^_^