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Reviews for "FF7 -- Battle"

FL Slayer?

You can easily split a midi in FL, copy and paste some lines into the slayer... which this sounds very much like... honestly i can't say it was enjoyable, the guitar overpowered every other sound and just... all together doesn't have a good flow. If you did do live guitar, it was well done, but like i said sounds VERY much like Fl's slayer... stands out tho.. i'll give u that much

TritoneAngel responds:

Didn't use FL at all for this.

not bad

work on everything but the guitar and you could have some serious potential....

TritoneAngel responds:

Wow, that was unnecessarily harsh.

loved it

good job ;)

TritoneAngel responds:

You loved it, but you gave it a 2 overall, then said good job with a little smiley face? Yeah - guess I don't get the joke.


First off, why when you download it it says the artist is REQUIEMZERO???! Did you steal it or what? if you didnt, i appologize; but if you did then thats just horrible

Anyway, on the actual song - first off. dont use direct midi rips. thats just stealing other peoples work programming them. Yes, even if its a part of the song, its still cheap and unorthodox. secondly, the guitar's dB rating skyrockets through the song. in FL or cakewalk you should be able to limit the high end. Third, the drums are weak [since you used a midirip]. its not that hard to create a drumbeat [you know, drums on beats 1,2,3,4, snares on 2,4 and hats on the "&'s" of each beat.] lastly, you need better samples for background and a better sounding lead guitar that wont make your ears bleed everytime you listen to it.

Ive heard many MANY FF7 battle theme remixes and this one is below-average at best. Midid rips for the background, lead guitar has volume issues, and no real sign of drums.

35/100 keep on trying
~SS4 Gokou

TritoneAngel responds:

"Requiemzero" was my old name - I renamed the account "TritoneAngel" several months ago. [I don't know why the file still comes up tagged as Requiem though.]

im so sick of this song

this one was below par. make it better

TritoneAngel responds: