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Reviews for "FF7 -- Battle"


its cool i could never do that with a guitar.

TritoneAngel responds:

lol -- Thanks a lot.


this is mint!!!
no wonder its dimond

TritoneAngel responds:


Thanks a lot buddy!


This is freakin' awesome. I should learn to play this on guitar!


i just played this game 30 minites ago,and it brings back others memories?!?!wow.odd.3 disk pac.i have 2 of em.track me down if u want 1.i have a myspace if u want a deal out of it.pic of a guitar.black.cya 'round!

My first Review for Audi Woot

That was awsome. The guiter went really well with the song.

TritoneAngel responds:

Woot indeed. Thanks a bunch dude.