Reviews for "( ellipsis )"

Great game!

I see great things instore for this game. Simple, yet brilliant, non-stop, yet perfect. I voted 5 and everyone else should to.

Fun as hell

This is a great game. Point made. The graphix were astounding, colors flying everywhere xD. The background music, I loved it.

Everyone has to try this game, thankyou.

it was good but...

you should have explained the debris doesnt hurt the planet, and you should have made the mouse a space ship so it has some kind of story sort of but it was real good


Very intense game!
It should have like a pause every 10 levels or so, and the music gets a little annoying after some time.
Other than that, it is great indeed.


Great AI, I LOVE IT.

@spraynpray: You have no sense of games.