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Reviews for "Am I Kool Yet?!?!"

You've always been kool.

I don't know what genre is this hardstyle, or nuhardstyle for that matter, but I enjoyed it anyway. It's got your trademark epic feeling to the song, making it immediately likeable.
I noticed that throughout the song there are some parts that seem glitched. They seem glithced, but perhaps that was your intention. Example: around 1:07.
Overall, it's fabulous, you've got a nice ear.

- Kagekiyo

Gravey responds:

Nu-hardstyle is a term I made up as a joke for this song. There really isn't any such thing as nu-hardstyle. The entire point of this was to get under my buddy's skin a bit, and get people to start using a term that up until now never existed. Which proves a point I want to make on an entirely different subject.

So yea, I did it for the lulz. And it seems like the point I was trying to make has been made.

All that being said, I'm glad you enjoyed this bud. It's nice to see people such as yourself enjoying the tune.

Also, the glitches are intentional. If you notice they flow right along with the song perfectly. ;-)


Haha sounds more like epic Viking music to me! =D

You're right, this isn't hardstyle. And I'm right there with you, I hate hardstyle. It pisses me off when some 10-year-old child goes in and uses all the default FL sounds to make a song in like 5 seconds...and then somehow, that song gets uber super popular. But this song deserves to rise above all of that! It's very unique Gravey, I'll give you that...and you never ever seize to amaze people with great songs. However, there are some things that stick out to me. First is the guitar EQing; I dunno why, but it just doesn't turn me on. It just sounds too flat to me. Maybe that's because I'm a total August Burns Red fanatic and love the bright sound in their guitars (even their deep power C rhythm that plays on most of their songs), but I feel like the guitar coulda come out and been an even BIGGER player. Also, while the synths were cool later on in the song, they didn't seem to have a lot of flare to them either. I dunno if you were trying to make fun of hardstyle, or if you were legitly trying to make a cool sound at this point in time; either way, it didn't come to the forefront enough IMO as it should have. The other thing I wasn't too turned onto was the pausing, stuttering transitional effect that you used twice in the song, at about 1:10ish and at 1:24ish; I think a cool panning effect would have kept the element of the song that you wanted without causing too much abruptness in the transition to the next part. Now as for everything else, it really is quite good! The structure is awesome, the drumbeat properly puts hardstyle in its place, and the orchestral element to it gives it the epic feel that all of your songs deserve. Perhaps I'm being too critical of this song because it's basically just a parody, but then again I know you Gravey, and you're fantastic at writing really cool shit. While this is a very interesting song, I'm not entirely sure this is your best work lol. Still, I gotta give you props for transcending hardstyle...it really does sound like nu-hardstyle, like nu-metal and hardstyle combined, eh? =P

Now all you gotta do is transcend the dubstep genre, and we'll all be good! ;)


Gravey responds:

As always, your critical analysis of my music is noted and appreciated. I'll keep your opinion and ideas in mind moving forward onto new projects. :-)




I defenitely think you should be composing some industrial type stuff based on this track. Honestly, it has alot of energy, alot of fast beats. I could see this blasting on some speakers somewhere with a bunch of rivetheads stomping around.

Hmm, that being said, I believe this could be alot better either without the canned guitar, OR with actually recorded riffs in there. I kinda feel the same about the other instruments herein also, except for the violin which seems to blend very very nicely with the synth. Im no composer mind you, this is just my opinion.

I really LOVE the intro : D. I'm listening to this on a laptop ATM as Im travelling, so maybe im not doing it justice right now, but I sense that it could use some really slammin' bass. It conjures up a struggle to me, and makes me feel like thrashing something/somebody, hahhah >:).

No this isnt hardstyle

This falls along the lines of industrial. I didn't like the guitar because it wasnt of good quality. Everything else was alright, but the strings at the end are beautiful. Not bad.


Gravey responds:

You are a moron. Feel free to realize that the entire genre thing was a joke played on a friend. Also feel free to notice I explained this to at least three people in past reviews.



I'm hearing some volume trouble in this! (perhaps its my speakers? Hmm NAHH!! LOL ^_~). Seriously though some of its pretty loud. Almost like you wanted to kill me! ME!? LOL Ok now to the reviewing.

Its got a pretty cool sound for the most part. Dispite some of the volume issues. I'm liking the instrumentations you used in this. Its like a fight song meets a epic arguement or something lol. Grats on top five yet again man!


Gravey responds:

Okay, I consider you a friend so I'm not even going to address in length the first half of your review. Because I really don't want to alienate a friend. So I'm just going to say this.

Lower the volume on your speakers....