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Reviews for "Am I Kool Yet?!?!"

Just fucking awesome.

You,my friend,make the most freaking amazing songs EVER!!


very nice my friend a wonderful job, i always forget to leave a comment on this song for some reason
10/10 5/5



I defenitely think you should be composing some industrial type stuff based on this track. Honestly, it has alot of energy, alot of fast beats. I could see this blasting on some speakers somewhere with a bunch of rivetheads stomping around.

Hmm, that being said, I believe this could be alot better either without the canned guitar, OR with actually recorded riffs in there. I kinda feel the same about the other instruments herein also, except for the violin which seems to blend very very nicely with the synth. Im no composer mind you, this is just my opinion.

I really LOVE the intro : D. I'm listening to this on a laptop ATM as Im travelling, so maybe im not doing it justice right now, but I sense that it could use some really slammin' bass. It conjures up a struggle to me, and makes me feel like thrashing something/somebody, hahhah >:).

way beond

i wish you could get this published and put out cds cuz its way better then most of the stuff out now
10/10 5/5 full props you keep the awesomeness comming time and time again


Great! artistic violin playing mixed harmoniously with the beats, I can't wait if there was a type with very fast tempo with orchestra musical instruments as well

Gravey responds:

Glad you enjoyed the tune.