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Reviews for "Am I Kool Yet?!?!"


This song is great! Tis song would be great in a boss battle in metroid other M

how, How, HOW?

I don't understand how you can hate hardstyle. It blows my mind. I like the music, so I can't give you a lower score, but it still disturbs me you dislike hardstyle x.x Anyways, I do like the music. I'm looking for more. :3

Very unique

Quite the tune you have here. The sounds are really synced well, except I gotta nitpick the parts where it "freezes" but nonetheless this is getting downloaded, faved, 5'ed and reviewed. It's very well made and hope to hear more from you.


Woa dude. This IS cool!!! This would fit PERFECTLY into a Metroid game! This is what lulz creates!


Sir, you put the kool in the K, both the O's, the L, and all of these to follow.