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Reviews for "Am I Kool Yet?!?!"

Oh my... Gawd

Gravey, Gravey, Gravey...

I'm going to have to agree with your statement. Hardstyle? Definitely not. Nu-Hardstyle? Possibly... Although I see hardly anything replicating the essence of hardstyle within this song.

Anyways, to the song... I'm going to have to give you props on it.

The volume is fine, just possibly hard to the ear (for some people).
The rocking-out/hardstyle bit is just oddly... creative.
The music that starts at 1:57 is beautiful, like all your classical/other music.
The whole song is epic.

I don't care what this genre is. It's Gravey. 10/10

Gravey responds:

Thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated.


What the...

What the heck is this? Well whatever it is it made me laugh. Well it was probably the story behind it that really made me laugh. Along with the complete stops. They seemed so random to me. That might just be because I am so tired right now. Whatever, good job taking hardstyle and kicking it in the balls.

Gravey responds:

Glad you enjoyed the story, and that it gave you a laugh. Probably the only thing that is to be taken seriously is the fact that nothing about it should be taken seriously. Thus your happy reaction makes me smile with giddiness. ;-)



I'm hearing some volume trouble in this! (perhaps its my speakers? Hmm NAHH!! LOL ^_~). Seriously though some of its pretty loud. Almost like you wanted to kill me! ME!? LOL Ok now to the reviewing.

Its got a pretty cool sound for the most part. Dispite some of the volume issues. I'm liking the instrumentations you used in this. Its like a fight song meets a epic arguement or something lol. Grats on top five yet again man!


Gravey responds:

Okay, I consider you a friend so I'm not even going to address in length the first half of your review. Because I really don't want to alienate a friend. So I'm just going to say this.

Lower the volume on your speakers....




Also, I'm loving the mix of orchestral strings with them beatz, and techno blips here and there. Very well done *thumbsup*
10/10 Review
Voted 5/5

Gravey responds:

Thank you much.



Not yet ..

Gravey responds: