Reviews for "Some Random Thing 2"

Love it!

dude that was awsome! im a big fan of ya work!

I didn't expect this one to come out so early. :/

Wow, this is the third Comedy Flash that I've reviewed today and I am in quite of a happy mood today. The Sprites were used very well. The Music in this flash was very catchy, especially the Japaneses song. What is that Japaneses song called? It's really freakin catchy! All the scenes were quite random so I'll review them all one by one. The #1 Scene was pretty funny and it had a long speech to it. I also loved that DS game. The #2 Scene was pretty cool. Napolean Dynamite is the shit! The #3 Scene was when Samus was sleeping and being lazy. That Scene was alright but it was a little to quick. The #4 Scene was really cool. Tails was so pissed at Sonic for some random reason. The #5 Scene was just plain fucked up! A guy stepped on the little people that were dancing. I laughed though. lol! The #6 Scene was very random. The Box came out of nowhere and hit him in the head. Ouch! The #7 Scene was was Random and Funny. Sonic will never stop punching Shadow! The #8 Scene was hilarious. That scene made me laugh! Tails was taking no shit from Eggman. The #9 Scene with the Spaceships was cool. The Music was also catchy as well. The #10 Scene with Amy Rose was alright. It could of been better though. The #11 Scene was Hilarious. That scene also made me laugh as well. Kirby dancing to that Milkshake Song was Classic! The #12 Scene was Totally Random. Sorry to say but I really didn't find that scene funny. The #13 Scene was umm very weird, it wasn't my taste. The #14 Scene was funny. Mario is stupid enough to jump into the perpeliers. The #15 Scene was quite random. Tails had problems with the loading screen. lol! The #16 Scene was freakin Hilarious! I never saw Typlosion do that in my life. lol! The #17 Scene was pretty neat. Baby Bowser saying "Me love you long time" was funny! The #18 Scene was fucked up. A Cow coming out of nowhere and smashing Mario into bitz. Ouch! The #19 Scene was funny. I am gussing he loves doing his job as a cop. The #20 and last scene was really fucked up. Those guys are never coming back again, ever! Well, this review was pretty long. I still feel that part one was funnier then part 2 for some odd reason. I am going to put this flash into my favorites list because it is so random! Overall, this flash was Great and I enjoyed watching it Great Work! Responses are gladly appreciated. :D 8/10 for you guys!

GRAPHICS: 8, The were Sprites that were used really good. The Scenes also looked good as well!

STYLE: 8, You guys have a lot or Randomness Stlye in you. You guys should make more Random Scene but make them more funnier.

SOUND: 9, I really loved the Catchy Japaneses music, that was Awesome! Also, the Milkshake and those other song was really cool as well.

VIOLENCE: 9, Some of the Scenes were totally fucked up like the Atom Bomb and the Step of the Midget Dancers.

INTERACTIVITY: 6, A Play Button, A Replay Button, A Select Scene Buttons, and Many other Buttons.

HUMOR: 8, Some of the Scene gave me a good laugh! Keep making more of theses random Scene!

OVERALL: 8, Great Work Guys and I can't wait for Part 3. :D


PS: Make Part 3 funny so that I could fall out of my chair laughing! XD

64 responds:

Biggest review evah!

I think you messed up the sequence of skits, but I see what you did. In scene selection, the skits go left to right, not top to down.

Thanks, though :)


This is fucking hilarious...good job...god job indeed!

Reminds me of phoenix wrong...

Really good, really funny, but reminds me of phoenix wrong...

64 responds:

Because of one part?


That was great! I laughed my ass off! "PC load letter? What the fuck does that mean!?"

64 responds:

Awesome, thanks :)