Reviews for "Some Random Thing 2"

Great job

Great job on that flash i can't stop laughing about tails killing eggman good luck making part 3

awesomely cool....

both are funny as hell, hoping for a 3rd, and maybe a whole dvd worth of Randomness. I'm a little grouchy with you, being a chao hater...either way, its funny, go you

PC lo-letter? What the f*ck does that mean?

Lol very funny but what's with amy singing about crisis and massacre? still that's very funny "Lol,stop that"

Yay! Random! :)

That was fantastic! Absolutely hilarious! The most funniest thing ever! Neat, short snips packed with tons of humour! Especially the one with ' We are the lazy generation!' Keep them coming by the truckload.

I ROFL'd so hard that I died of LOL.

that was even better than the first. keep'em coming.