Reviews for "Submit"


the graphics were great!

Hah, Great

This is a great short movie, and it has a hilarious basis on structure. I like the way you made the main character a flash file to be very clear on what is going on, make someone who doesn't feel like reading the information paragraph feel at ease, lol. 5/5 and 10/10. : )


Brilliant work. I loved the graphics. And I guess this shows us what happens to our Flash when we submit it. Keep up the good work!

can't describe the brilliance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nice man!!!!!!!!!!!!! kepp up the good work

An interesting take on the submission process.

I like the creative way you used to express the trials a file goes through when submitted to the portal. The animation was excellent, the way you styled the Swf file to look was amazing. THe music helped determine the tone of the piece, and it had a good message at the end. Keep up the great wrok!