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Reviews for "Squaresville"


Do you understand how awesome that was? Like wow, man. Just wow.


This flash is clearly made of win.

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

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Some things are not meant to be on the front page.

Because the ignorant majority will fail to see how great it is.

It pains me when I see this get critisized, while extremely idiotic, unfunny, and pretentious cartoons are hailed as being "classic" and "hilarious" and put on the front page.

This didn't deserve to be on the front page. The front page to me has become a disgrace, not an honor, and this cartoon deserves much more appreciation than that.

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

I agree that the frontpage is awful.
It just causes the vast majority of small children who browse for hentai with their dicks in their hands to take notice of something, and then violently bash their sticky hands on the keys in some sort of rebellion at something that didnt contain nipples.

-giggle- OHGODWHY

too bad you were getting harassed.
I;ve got to admit it kinda dragged on.

But it hella random, and hella hilarious.


So flashy, and neonish, and vibrant.



wow very very unique....i think ihad a seizure lol