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Reviews for "Squaresville"

i totally get it


That was just a great flash

This flash was just freakin smurf. There are no adjectives worthy to describe it. All the squares reminded me of that guy that used to be on nickelodian that was just a giant face. The expressions were superb, giving each square his/her own character, and though every situation was amusing there was almost a disturbing undertone that i could never identify. Overall i loved it.

That aphex twin poster was awesome too.

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

aphex twin \o/


Unbelievable. Behold this gleaming artifact!

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

And what is a man? Nothing but a miserable pile of secrets. But enough talk, HAVE AT YOU!


The following bad review is in portugese. Enjoy:

Esta era uma parte de crap. o gp faz algo melhor. Oh, e batente que come assim muito presunto. VocĂȘ suga. Eu odeio-o!!!

Just kidding. That was pretty friggin awesome. So awesome that i just might go eat some HAM. Good jo, and way to completely not do what anyone else has ever done before. Ever. Especially the part with the cave on the guys face. Crazy. Your reviews are hilarious, and I am now starting a religion honoring your greatness.
Just saying,

P.S the shound deserves an 11


omg... ive seen it so many times... my favorite part is with the grape guy!

"aaaahhuuuugghh! aauuughhghgh!!!! eeerr the toast i ate last night was good errgghhhuurr!!" lol i also love the faces XD