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Reviews for "Squaresville"

Amazing just amazing, and creepy

i was like man this is so long and i was on the phone as well haha but i loved it! it was simply artistic and creep and freakish and was like one huge acid trip. i am amazing and i still blab on heh

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

"Mein Kampfy Couch"

A Guide to Chairs, by Adolf Hitler


Extremly well done! Who knew something so cative could come out of simple squares and cubes!

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

d43dn14rb: its pretty whacked
d43dn14rb signed off at 12:06:18 AM.
d43dn14rb signed on at 12:06:29 AM.
d43dn14rb: fjdslfjas
d43dn14rb: wtf?
d43dn14rb: gaim crashed
Fololo 311: lawl
d43dn14rb: so umm yea...

Squares R cool

That was nice. The style was overall good. A bit random but still a very good flash! 10/10!

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

Silent Zaeon: Hi.
Fololo 311: tyry
Silent Zaeon: do
Silent Zaeon: you
Silent Zaeon: want
Silent Zaeon: some
Silent Zaeon: aids
Fololo 311: sre y noy
Silent Zaeon: Damn
Silent Zaeon: and I was selling it for 5 bucks a piece too

Funniest freakin thing i've seen in a while.

Loved the graphics! The style seemed reminiscent of Ren & Stempy, only...squarier.
I loved the humor, cuz, what can I say, I like my flashies random-as-fzcking-possible. Also, it doesn't rely on bloody gore just to deliver a punchline (not that there's anything WRONG with blood n guts).
Gotta say I think the Frankenstein bit was the most awesome, or maybe it was the spazmo Scotsman vendor.
Anyhoo: 2 thumbs, a space piggy, and a bottle of No-Doze UP!

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

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All Time Favorite

I've always loved your animations, Zekey. However, this is the greatest one I've ever seen. God, it's perfect in every way. Everything fits. Perfectly. Graphics are amazing, as always. I love the experssions and the way you combine 2D and 3D, as well as normal drawing, special efects and from both surrealistic and stylized; and simplistic and cartoony characters. Music fits perfectly, too. Waldemar's voice is awesome. Perfect for the characters. There's little violence here, but what's there is great. For me, a PLAY button is all the interactivity a movie this long needs.
Humour! Great! No need to explain.
Again, this is my favorite Flash movie. And it's WELL above my other favorites, too.
Can't really understand the idiots who don't like this Flash. I mean, even if they don't, at least they should see the quality of tha animation. And as for hatemail writers, don't fume over it. We all know it's just either little kids who think it's funny or pitiful idiots who don't have anything to do.
Hey, have you ever considered using Flash as a stepping stone towards TV? I'm pretty sure your work is worth it. Or perhaps the FlashTV Podcast, at the very least? We'd all love to have your cartoons in our iPods.
Anyway, congratulations. You are an amazing animator and artist.

-Eustaquio Man

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

hey eustaquio man!

Beleive me, I've tried multiple times to get a job animating for television, but I seem to fail each time.

I wanna see your next flash, bud!:]