Reviews for "Runescape Simulator"

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Lol RS Rules My Guy Is King Kai27 Add Him My Home World Is 43.

bkdude responds:

im glad you liked the movie but i dont play runescape and dont plan to.

That was Funny


bkdude responds:

haha yes it was funny thanks for good review :-)


five digit number....10 for the joke 3 for the movie...because runescape deprived me of my dignity then raped my soul...

bkdude responds:

lol i looked at that response to that review and it took me a minute to figure out my own joke :[)

im just happy that i dont continue to play runescape like three or four kids i know do... playing runescape for two years like me is torture (even split up into incriments it is) but some kids i know have played it for four years now...

it makes me depressed :-(






Runescape can be annoying at times :D


bkdude responds:

im glad you liked it


I play runescape and I think you just made a great parody of it! "lol"ing at when he yells at what turns out to be a nine year old, i say the same thing happen in game but the kid must have been like 4. Keep up the good work!

bkdude responds:

Why thank you very much for the positive review :)