Reviews for "Runescape Simulator"


runescope looks gay and a waste a life

bkdude responds:

runescape isnt gay, its bi.

>:[ lol

and yes, it is a waste of life. if i spent all the countless hours on that godawful game doing Flash, i would probobly be about 10x better at flash. but i learned from my mistakes, and quit that game >:[

I actually found this funny!

I thought it would be a stupid n00b movie, but I actually like it. Some of the sketches are true, like "Sell Crap" Many-a-times I've seen n00bs trying to sell utter rubbish, like burnt fish and ashes for money.

The movie's graphics were okay, especialy the RS player. It's how I've always imagined them to look like that.

Keep up the good work!

bkdude responds:

:-) im glad you liked it.

as a former RS player, ive seen many a noob in my time. and i know how they act :-)


Ok this was like. I dunno how to say it, but it was dumb. There is no way to win which sucked and the fact that you remind me that people actually do that on RS. But I'll give you this. It was funny as hell.

bkdude responds:


thats EXACTLY what i was aiming for. in RS, you can't win. thats what i figured out when i quit :-)

It was realy odd.

That was'nt so good.. the animation was kinda poor.
Not very funny... (to my taste)
The idea was pretty good and I think you can improve it by some more time, 6 hours is not enough.

Improve yourself by practising some more!
Good luck next time.

bkdude responds:

well i was half asleep when i was finishing it... and i tried poking fun at the graphics by doing a 2-year-old job of the "runescape gameplay"