Reviews for "Runescape Simulator"


Its to funny! I cant move!!!! Hahaha!

bkdude responds:

:) im glad you liked it


i think the game was cool i may be new to newgrounds but i rekon its prety kool

Great job

bkdude responds:

meh newgrounds is full of crap :p

im glad you liked this game tho :-[)


Someone FINALLY posts a movie on how gay rs is! I thought it was awsome in my opinion! Rs isnt worth playing anymore. I too was a player of that game, and to me it just got stupider and stupider. I am glad to see that others feel the same way about rs like me. The only things I can see that may need improvement is to offer more skills to make fun of, and get better with the drawing of the person. Otherweise nice work, and keep it up!

bkdude responds:

well i dont plan on improving this as i made it about 15 months ago... but it still holds true today and im glad you enjoyed it.

im not a really good artist, and back then i REALLY wasn't a good artist :p


shows what runescape really is. pretty bood game. specialy the last part.

bkdude responds:

exactly what i meant to portray. thank you for your review :)

Heh cool.

I still play runescape a little and you can't really scam anymore due to some trade thing and it would be an honor to be owned by zezima :p well anyway it was a good for a few laughs nice job.

bkdude responds:

yeah they added a bunch of dumb crap now didnt they?