Reviews for "Things Can Only Get Gayer"


That was funny. You just made my day =D


i love the whole idea!!
how do make flashes like that?

Now I have that song stuck in my head

For those of ya who are lazy the easter eggs are on the digital clock and the Raiden doll near Otacon. That was amusing short but cute. Did a good job syncing Otacon to the music.

I couldnt stop giggling.

Every time. Every damn time... it looks like Otacon is trying to give his mp3 player ..... a certain favor. I completely love the art style, and the level of sillyness it has. I have watched it almost a hundread times, and I still cant get tired of it. I must ask though, because it has been bugging me since I first seen this. The MP3 player that you had Otacon have. Is it by any chance an ILO 2 gig? *used to own one herself before the unfortunate encounter with a car door*


raiden WAS funny!