Reviews for "Things Can Only Get Gayer"


I really Liked the Graphics of the movie... but it was a bit too short. Still it easily made a 5.

very good

like this along witht he mambo lawyer, hope to see more from you.


I <3 the whole gay thing between otacon and snake. to see real gayness during movie right-click and zoom in on the pictures.

Hehehe, GUNPOWDER...

Woah woah woah-oh-oh!

Hehehe, I love that song now! Snake looked like he was going to faint or something XD!

The 4:00 Easter egg made me think: "He is SO DAMN GAY! AWESOME! XD!"

The Gunpowder one... I saw it over fifty times, and I still laugh uncontrollably. Two words: Brainless Entertainement! Seriously, whenever I'm upset, I'm going to watch this.

About the art: OMFG, I WISH METAL GEAR WAS STYLED THAT WAY! SERIOUSLY, IT ROCKS! Awesome movies, wish I could see more of these!

And... Need more Otacon x Snake. Although it's more like Snake x Otacon... Whatever, this still rocks ass. Seriously, this is THE BEST!

P.S. Hehehe, GUNPOWDER...


awesome really *****ing gay though