Reviews for "Things Can Only Get Gayer"


Always knew Ota was gay :D


I guess this is why they might not be roommates anymore. I love the look on Snake's face when he walked in. XD


I love all your animations and this one is very funny to! You've gotta be one of favorite nimators ever!!!

Bahaha! Wonderful!

I had this SAME situation where I was left alone at a friends house, and her big brother (whom of which, I have had, and still have a crush on) got home early, so he caught me dancing around singing to Eiffel 65. XD This video just brings back SO many memories!

absolutely hilarious :P

although how does dancing to music make you gay?
I dance sometimes, not to well, but nonetheless.
but then the way the codec part came out it sounded like he was gay >.>