Reviews for "Things Can Only Get Gayer"

That is Sweet

Its vary Good, I love the Clock Easter Egg, U have to make more stuff For Metal Gear, I give it a 10 out if 10 GOOD JOB!!!!


good animation.
Loved it.

Thats prety good!

Only one or 2 complaints...

The clip was a bit short and lacked plot but was otherwise brilliant.

8/10... I would love to see some more of the same.


pretty funny, well mabey a longer one next time?


"a really great style you have young jedi" <~ <:-] "whats that buy brabling about? im not sure, but my socks stink heh heh heh"

heh heh lol that had to be, so go one with your great work ^^ want to see more of that great style^^