Reviews for "Things Can Only Get Gayer"





that was hilarios please make more you have to

Hehehe, GUNPOWDER...

Woah woah woah-oh-oh!

Hehehe, I love that song now! Snake looked like he was going to faint or something XD!

The 4:00 Easter egg made me think: "He is SO DAMN GAY! AWESOME! XD!"

The Gunpowder one... I saw it over fifty times, and I still laugh uncontrollably. Two words: Brainless Entertainement! Seriously, whenever I'm upset, I'm going to watch this.

About the art: OMFG, I WISH METAL GEAR WAS STYLED THAT WAY! SERIOUSLY, IT ROCKS! Awesome movies, wish I could see more of these!

And... Need more Otacon x Snake. Although it's more like Snake x Otacon... Whatever, this still rocks ass. Seriously, this is THE BEST!

P.S. Hehehe, GUNPOWDER...

Now I have that song stuck in my head

For those of ya who are lazy the easter eggs are on the digital clock and the Raiden doll near Otacon. That was amusing short but cute. Did a good job syncing Otacon to the music.

Found both Easter Eggs. Funny stuff.

I love the Raiden one. So amusing for some reason.

This is a funny flash.