Reviews for "Things Can Only Get Gayer"

I couldnt stop giggling.

Every time. Every damn time... it looks like Otacon is trying to give his mp3 player ..... a certain favor. I completely love the art style, and the level of sillyness it has. I have watched it almost a hundread times, and I still cant get tired of it. I must ask though, because it has been bugging me since I first seen this. The MP3 player that you had Otacon have. Is it by any chance an ILO 2 gig? *used to own one herself before the unfortunate encounter with a car door*


It makes me laugh more and more everytime I watch it. I only have one question an that is what is this song?

wait, what

i really didnt understand that, the drawing style and animation is cute and teh bit about Raiden was funnya s hell but I still dont gett his


That was really cute!!


That was really Great.