Reviews for "-Orr- Larry and the Gnomes"


that was epic.i still preferlarry's theme tho.

DavidOrr responds:


Another awesome track!

You never seem to run out ideas! Your tracks are getting more and more epic by the upload, I must say!
IMO the best of these small loops would be the last one, the one used in the Big Dipper. That one sounds really cool.
I'm sorry I'm not a producer so I can't really tell you how to engineer the track, but as a fan and a listener, I wanna say that you're one awesome fella, this is another brilliantly done piece of art! You really should expand into movie soundtracks!

P.S., so how about uploading the rest of the Sonny 2 tracks? :) Pretty please? Hahaha!

DavidOrr responds:

We're expanding the music of Larry into a full-length album; I'll be updating both my site and Newgrounds as it is being completed. I'd like to do some work in movies at some point - but at this point in my career (very early) I'm still getting my degrees and exploring different musical styles and mediums. While extremely rewarding, movie soundtracks require A LOT of work and are essentially a full-time job, which is not a possibility for me on top of school, scoring music for games, and teaching students privately.

Now I think I can do something about the rest of the Sonny 2 tracks - stay tuned :) Thanks for the review!


like it in larry and the Gnomes to

youpi yay ha ha this is great

wow awesome

Karry and the Fnomes

Good shit.