Reviews for "-Orr- Larry and the Gnomes"

This is completely a piece of...


it wasnt good...

..it was amazing man. keep doing this kind of stuff and ull get very good reviews like this >:)

DavidOrr responds:

Will do :) Thanks for your support!

Reminds me of Mario Galaxy's score to be honest

Especially the first song, I can't help but hear the main theme when that's going XD

DavidOrr responds:

I'm not very familiar with the Mario Galaxy soundtrack (I've heard some good things about it though), so I'll put that on my "to listen" list :)

Thanks for the review!

awsome sause

the music makes a game for me, if its bad i won't play the game...
but this i could listen to all day without going mental :D

DavidOrr responds:



It is great! My favorite part is @ 1:52

DavidOrr responds:

A lot of people seem to like that :) Thanks!