Reviews for "-Orr- Larry and the Gnomes"

Fun and evocative

Hand eye coordination being what it is, I kinda suck at the game. Comparatively, this doesn't suck. When it comes to game OSTs, I'm a sucker for dramatic bits. This has some great ones.

It's interesting.

I thought it was going to be 'meh' when I first saw it, but it was actually very nice. There are tons of subtle pitch changes that I really loved, and although the transitioning could've been better, I understand this is more of an OST than anything.

Overall, very well done. I was going to rate it a 9/10, but bumped it up to 10/10 because of how unexpectedly epic it became. Great work!

10/10 ; 5/5 ; Downloaded

Love them!

I agree with the loops sounding like they're from Final Fantasy, and I agree- this is a compliment! A lot of them also sound like they could be placed in the Kingdom Hearts franchise, which has deep Final Fantasy roots. But apart from what they sound like, each loop is a masterpiece!

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Awesome tune, Love It all. All around good audio. The tunes remind me of the zelda themes. All epic, and the boss fight themes, like zelda as well.
It has the same epic classical theme.
I love this music, and i love the tune.
So, what's you're reply?

DavidOrr responds:

Zelda has some great music - and I love the theme for its simplistic charm. Thanks for your support!


some of the rhythms actually remind me the music on final fantasy games
keep on the good work pal

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