Reviews for "-Orr- Larry and the Gnomes"

Best music on newgrounds.

I like track 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 XD
Its just amazing how music in movies and games means more than the game itself
Love it

Absolutely incredible

Your music is some of the greatest on the site. The Larry series is so lucky to have a composer like you. Your music makes the series seem so professional, like more than an internet flash game. I only wish I had the money to buy the soundtrack myself. I especially love the last loop on here, the one for the jump into the pit. So freaking epic! I could listen to that one forever.

One Word:


better than final fantasy music

lately final fantasy makes good but not so great music. you're better than them by far. very dynamic actually.

Awesome, 10/10 5/5

Big fan of your music man, the music you've made for the Larry Collab are nothing but the above. You take all your music one step further than other music artists, the music you made for Larry & Sonny are iconic for the game and cannot be replaced. Sorry if i am rambling but try to imagine Darth Vader without the Imperial March that invoked fear and power, its impossible because John Williams is a genius. You work in the same way in so many different ways I cannot describe, I may not know every little detail on your work but I enjoy all of your music and put max effort on writing this review as a fan of your work. Thanks and keep up the great work! -Sephiose

DavidOrr responds:

Wow, thanks for your kind words! John Williams is a wonderful composer and creates brilliant themes for all of his scores - it's an honor to be compared to him!