Reviews for "-Orr- Larry and the Gnomes"

What is this?!

I have to give you props for one of the craziest songs I have ever heard! It was not really so insane because of the notes but because of how it moved around. This had like three periods of simply blank space where it then changed into something completely different! It seems like you were trying to submit different things but decided to do it all as one. If so, I am glad because a lot of people are just submitting small loop after small loop. You definitley showed adventure, cuteness, and other things in the same submission.

duuuuude....lovin this soundtrack!

the falling pit one is my favorite.. but i dunno what its called so i can download it.. is there a download i can find for that one?


i love the game larry and the gnomes and i love track four its my absoulute favorite :D

Makes me miss playing FF12

Great music, Simply put.

You are Awesome

You music is so inspirational! I especially like the bells, I feel like it part of you trademark "sound".

Do you have an advise for a someone like myself who is just start there music write career (well more like a hobby at this point).